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Luang Prabang, Laos

I took an opportunity to explore a new country – Laos.  I spent one week in Luang Prabang, the old capitol of Laos.  I was totally enamored.  Here are some photos…

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Songkran Festival in Thailand

In Thailand, Spring is the time to celebrate Songkran, the start of the new lunar year.  Known as the water festival, Buddha images are ‘bathed’, monks and elders receive the respect of younger Thais by sprinkling of water over their hands to wash away bad luck.  The afternoon is filled with a joyful celebration of parades and the splashing of water onto one another, not only splashing, but “drenching” others with water.  People are armed with giant water pistols and there is great fun in getting everyone wet.  it is the hot season and a time to cool off and have fun.

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Hmong Textiles – Thailand

This sweet couple work the night market in Chiang Mai.  They are Hmong and want to preserve and educate people about the ancient textile arts of their people. They share their stories of the Hmong culture and traditions. They salvage remnants from Hmong garments and produce beautiful handbags and accessories.  The age-old textile techniques include very fine embroidery, natural indigo batik, and reverse applique.  You will see many of their products in our store.


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Encountering Friends in Bangkok

One of the highlights of my trip was meeting up with Dianne Roberts and Jim Whitaker in Bangkok.  Jim and Dianne had just finished their trip to Base Camp commemorating Jim’s 50th anniversary of his ascent to Mt Everest, the first American to make the ascent.  Jim and Dianne are dear friends and it was a pleasure to meet on the other side of the world.

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I love the fruit durian – its creamy and delicious.  Farmers sell in from the back of their pickup trucks on the sides of the road.  I had durian iced cream for the first time – amazing!

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More Photos of Jaipur

Beautiful Rajasthani architecture, bamboo scaffolding, spice markets, goat herds in the streets…


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Bus ride to Jaipur

People ask me, what kind of bus do you take?  I take the air conditioned tourist deluxe bus.  Here is the bus and photos along the way from Delhi to Jaipur.

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New Delhi, India

I have the pleasure of staying with a lovely couple in Delhi, India while I am here.  Here is a photo of their beloved Ganesh blessing their home amongst the plants on their balcony.

Subhag and  I walk to the nearby market in Lajpat Nagar – trendy Indian fashions, bangle shops, embroidery shops, dried fruits and nuts.. an abundance of goods…

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Indonesian street food

This street vendor is selling an afternoon fruit/sweet.snack.  The vendors come around at different times of the day selling diferent things – in the morning, “jamu” a healthy drink, for lunch “bakso” a pork/noodle vegetable soup, in the afternoon, fruit.  They usually have some kind of bell to let you know he is there.

In Java, each type of food vendor has a distinctly different sound, or bell, so you can tell by sound what the vendor is offering.  My favorite in Java is a coconut desert that is served in the evening.  They are heated in cylindrical cones – shaped like a popsicle, except warm and they make a whistling sound.


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Fauzi & Indarti


I have been working with Fauzi and Indarti for over 15 years.  They are a very sweet couple from Kalimantan (Borneo).  They specialize in larger architectual pieces – gabiok (highly decorated entrance side of a home, including a central door and two side wall panels), Madura canopy beds, joglos (central part of a traditional Javanese house), gates and columns.

Enjoy the photos of the treasures we acquired this time.  Again, coming the beginning of May!



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